Beautiful Chaos

A journey. By Aisha Moradeyo ANIMASHAUN.

The Education and The Career

I study Computer Engineering, a course that makes many automatically think of me as being geeky or cerebral when mentioned. It’s cool. It’s funny to see people automatically assume your intelligence, IQ and all these other weird things that supposedly determine your place on the job market, social life, and really, your life in general.

Hardly grasping the idea of ‘Education’, I spent the first few academic years of my life faffing. Yup! I did. It was fun in a way but not in so many other ways. In my teens, I became glued to a career that gave me so much motivation, talk about the kind of motivation where you’re willing to tear down brick walls, where no person/thing could stop you, and a career that birthed so much vision. For that career, I had my imaginary work wardrobe, imaginary clients, imaginary cases and so much more. It was a career in Accounting and Finance. Talking about this career woke me up from my deepest sleep.

For this career, I began to pass exceedingly well  (70% and above in exams, INCLUDING  MATHS!). Yup! I was swimming in excellent grades; my family was surprised, my teachers were surprised, I was surprised but I knew God was smiling on me (Thank you Lord!). It felt like a gate of wisdom, knowledge and understanding had opened on me. It felt GREAT!

Fast forward a few years, I found myself going to a Med conference and taking up an internship at a hospital *laughing*. How did I even get from A-Z? Somewhere between my newly built confidence and conversations with people, I felt confident enough to take on the challenge of pursuing one of the most demanding careers. Let me just say I became a little uncomfortable - my confidence wasn’t on the same level.

How did I get to Computer Engineering? I really don’t know! So I find it amusing when people try to deduce areas of my life from my course. I am not your typical Computer Engineer, I am very far from it (Proudly so). Strangers usually guess that I’m studying something along the lines of business, arts, or the humanities. Never science. I even had a teacher in my sixth-form say *paraphrasing* “based on your looks, I would have thought you’d want to be a secretary”. I seriously don’t know how she arrived at that conclusion.

Either way, I’m studying Computer Systems and Software Engineering and loving it (well, when I get good grades *laughing*). I really don’t know how or why I arrived here but one thing I know: I am on journey led by the Almighty God.

It is at this point that I’d like to say:

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be documenting my journey through life in general. 

God will show me the path of life. (Psalm 16:11)