Done with projects, time for exams!

I completed all my projects for the year yesterday; I had about six projects this year, hence why I had to take a break from blogging. It’s the crazy season of exams where most people start to stress out and even begin to feel helpless.

Well, if you are in  the so called exam season, you are not alone! My motto for times like this is, “Do your best and leave the rest to God”. Remember, faith without works is a bad strategy, and works without faith is a bad approach as well. 

Good luck everyone!

Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Dealing with my time management issue

If I am being very honest, I struggle with managing my time. I can list and plan my tasks, but executing them as planned is just a different ball game; one I find quite difficult.

Today, I planned to work on my Software Engineering project as well as my Principles of Programming project. I planned to wake up as early as 6:00am, exercise till 7:00 am, grab some breakfast and head to the lab to work on my projects. I intended to reward my “hard work” with a day out in the city center. My day went something like this:

6:00am : My alarm went off but somehow I managed to subconsciously switch it off. I can’t really remember doing this.

10:00am : I woke up thinking “whaaaat? how did this happen? I’m 4 hours behind schedule!”, only to fall back asleep again.

11:58am : I woke up and laying in bed I said to myself, “If you’re still on this bed at 12:00pm, you’re doomed”, so I got myself out of bed in a hurry, brushed my teeth and decided to do  an exercise routine from YouTube.

I’m not going to try and tell you how the rest of my day went in a timeline because somewhere along the line, I lost track of my time.

After completing the exercise routine from YouTube, I felt quite exhausted but I wasn’t going to let myself sleep again. Impossible!Especially since I was 6 hours behind my schedule. I had a shower, grabbed lunch and went straight into town. 

Why did I go into town when I had not touched any of my projects? Well, my Principles of Programming project was meant to be released today but fortunately/unfortunately  it hasn’t been released yet. What about my Software Engineering Project? Well, I thought I’d skip doing it and give myself the treat anyway since I worked quite hard during the holiday, and Uni starts tomorrow. Happy days!

To combat my time management problem I decided to get a pretty notebook while I was in town for writing the things I need to do each day. I hope to spend my evenings listing the things I need to do the next day in the book. I also bought another pretty notebook for my Bible devotion/ quiet time, I also hope to do this every day. 

Exams are slowly creeping in and so are deadlines, whew! I wish you what I wish myself; Wisdom, knowledge, understanding and peace from above. Goodluck! We can do this!

Isiah 41:10 : So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


Today is Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ and I decided to go to church. I went back to my old church which is Anglican/ Methodist and this made me remember a series of events that had occurred when I attended this Church previously.

When I started attending this Church, there was an elderly man (probably in his 70s)  who kept talking to me. Each time he spoke to me he asked the same questions; Which part of Africa are you from? What do you think of the weather? What struck you when you arrived here?  … and a few other questions. I really don’t mind conversing with elderly people, I realise they tend to be pretty lonely and get excited when someone is willing to hear them out plus, they speak wisely. I also find them quite cute, something to do with their fragility.

The first day I met him, he asked me to please attend his funeral when he is dead because many people won’t be there. He also spoke about him having a house on the hill and how when it was cold in the winter he lived in a house that was down the hill. Cool, right? Ok! Things started getting weird when he gave me his address and asked me to write and  post him songs. At this point I felt really sorry for him, I felt he was lonely and was probably trying to make peace with his past by being open.

After my first encounter with him, I kept thinking about why anyone would be inviting someone to their funeral while they were still alive, let alone a stranger. It shook me quite a bit inside and caused me to search myself deeply. I tell you, this is an experience I’ll probably never forget. Why am I writing about this today?

Well, I saw him again today. I saw him from a different perspective. I got to church about 25 minutes early and as soon as I spotted him, I picked a sit that was quite far away from him. I really don’t know why I did this but, in the past he would usually move to seat next to me and I would help him open his hymn book and other books used in the service. He came over and spoke to me, asking the same questions again. I was quite happy today when he didn’t move to seat next to me.

The service was over and while I was having cake in the tea room, he came and sat next to me. I really didn’t want to be in this situation but I felt pity for him all over again. Then he started talking, he asked me the same questions again! I’m quite patient so I answered the questions carefully all over again! Then he started talking about how he had wanted a Chimpanzee as a pet when he was young, he asked me about the state of my country, he told me about how he had a pen-pal in Ghana and how he doesn’t know what happened to him.

While he was talking, the priest came over, he listened to the conversation for a few seconds then butted in. The priest complemented my Marley twists, and while he was at it the elderly man gushed and confessed he thought I had a hat on. Like really??? I wasn’t even offended but, once I was convinced that he was engaged in a conversation with the priest, I picked my bag and left the room. 

I decided to sign a portrait that was a gift to a lady who was baptised today. Just as I was signing it, the priest came to me and apologised for butting into my conversation with the elderly man. He said, he butted into the conversation because the elderly man was losing his mind a bit, and he wanted to be sure that I was OK. As much as I love the sermons and as beautiful and inspiring as today was, thinking about going back to this church gives me a slightly creepy feeling. 

I know everyone is welcomed to church; bonkers, gay, straight, old, young, married, widowed etc. but how do you deal with an elderly man like him? If I am being honest, I still feel very sorry for him and I don’t think I can be cold enough to ignore him if he comes up to me again.


Jeremiah 29:11 :For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


The Education and The Career

I study Computer Engineering, a course that makes many automatically think of me as being geeky or cerebral when mentioned. It’s cool. It’s funny to see people automatically assume your intelligence, IQ and all these other weird things that supposedly determine your place on the job market, social life, and really, your life in general.

Hardly grasping the idea of ‘Education’, I spent the first few academic years of my life faffing. Yup! I did. It was fun in a way but not in so many other ways. In my teens, I became glued to a career that gave me so much motivation, talk about the kind of motivation where you’re willing to tear down brick walls, where no person/thing could stop you, and a career that birthed so much vision. For that career, I had my imaginary work wardrobe, imaginary clients, imaginary cases and so much more. It was a career in Accounting and Finance. Talking about this career woke me up from my deepest sleep.

For this career, I began to pass exceedingly well  (70% and above in exams, INCLUDING  MATHS!). Yup! I was swimming in excellent grades; my family was surprised, my teachers were surprised, I was surprised but I knew God was smiling on me (Thank you Lord!). It felt like a gate of wisdom, knowledge and understanding had opened on me. It felt GREAT!

Fast forward a few years, I found myself going to a Med conference and taking up an internship at a hospital *laughing*. How did I even get from A-Z? Somewhere between my newly built confidence and conversations with people, I felt confident enough to take on the challenge of pursuing one of the most demanding careers. Let me just say I became a little uncomfortable - my confidence wasn’t on the same level.

How did I get to Computer Engineering? I really don’t know! So I find it amusing when people try to deduce areas of my life from my course. I am not your typical Computer Engineer, I am very far from it (Proudly so). Strangers usually guess that I’m studying something along the lines of business, arts, or the humanities. Never science. I even had a teacher in my sixth-form say *paraphrasing* “based on your looks, I would have thought you’d want to be a secretary”. I seriously don’t know how she arrived at that conclusion.

Either way, I’m studying Computer Systems and Software Engineering and loving it (well, when I get good grades *laughing*). I really don’t know how or why I arrived here but one thing I know: I am on journey led by the Almighty God.

It is at this point that I’d like to say:

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be documenting my journey through life in general. 

God will show me the path of life. (Psalm 16:11)